Apollo Currency

Apollo Currency

Apollo Currency has accomplished its goal to become the World’s fastest cryptocurrency with a sustainable blockchain, as well as one of the most feature-rich. Apollo was built with the rigorous demands of genuine mass adoption in mind and it has proven its capabilities through its proprietary mass adoption technologies. Apollo Fintech’s vision is to provide every mainstream feature on one sustainable platform.

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The Problem

It requires the use of multiple cryptocurrencies to perform a number of tasks on blockchain and transactions can take a significant amount of time.

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The Solution

Apollo Currency boasts the fastest and most feature-rich blockchain in cryptocurrency.


First to Launch Sharding

World’s first blockchain to implement database level sharding

World’s Fastest Cryptocurrency

World’s fastest cryptocurrency at sub-seconds to 2 seconds per transaction

The Most Features

World’s most feature-rich cryptocurrency

World’s Most Powerful Dapps

World’s first Dapps infrastructure with limitless storage coming soon

The Most Advanced

One of the most advanced cryptocurrencies on Earth, boasting proprietary technologies such as sharding, Apollo atomic swaps, adaptive forging, Apollo updater, node synchronization, and many more

Mass Adoption Use Cases

Some of the largest use cases in cryptocurrency, including a large number of government level use cases, and commercial use cases up to the national bank level

Mass Adoption Use Cases

National Payment Platform

A CBDC system capable of powering an economy. Breaking down every barrier preventing mass adoption, such as usability and accessibility. The NPP truly banks the unbanked, from cities to villages without electricity to mining camps in the bush.

Knox World Pay

Knox World Pay is the first global payment system that allows the genuine mass adoption of blockchain. All barriers to mass adoption are broken down by utilizing technologies such as offline SMS and a global network of agents and sub-agents. Allowing even the most remote sub-Saharan villages access to blockchain technology and banking services.

Knox Wire

Knox Wire is an international bank to bank settlement system that uses a bidirectional signature to remove intermediaries and speed up a 3 day settlement time to 2 seconds. Speeding up international finance significantly and cutting cash settlement restrictions in half.

Apollo E-Government Platform

The Apollo E-Government Platform offers unparalleled security and efficiency to nearly every department of government. Reducing government costs by as much as 1/16th while increasing transparency and access to services.


Stratus will be the World’s most expansive social media ecosystem, combining the features and capabilities of many of the most popular social media platforms and services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, Youtube, Periscope, Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Travelocity, and many more, in a solution devoted to free speech, transparency and user data privacy.


Olympus Protocol

  • IP Masking
  • Public And Private Transaction Options
  • Integrated Decentralized Exchange
  • Coin Shuffling
  • Coin Mixing
  • Private Ledger

Hermes Blockchain

  • Sustainable Blockchain
  • Database Sharding
  • Lightning Fast Transactions
  • Adaptive Forging
  • Node Time Synchronization

Current Features

  • Asset System
  • Encrypted Messaging
  • Blockchain File Storage
  • Alias System
  • Phased Transaction
  • Multi-Signature Accounts
  • Decentralized Marketplace
  • Advanced Account Control
  • Authentication System Leasing

Total Supply
21,165,096,531 APL
Circulating Supply
21,165,096,531 APL
Proof of Stake
Mining Pre-Mined
Inflation 0%


Apollo is the fastest sustainable blockchain on the market, thanks to a number of industry-leading advancements. These advancements include; Database Sharding, Adaptive Forging, Node Time Synchronization, 2 Second Blocks, Atomic Swaps and many more.

apollo cash

Apollo Currency

Total Supply
21,165,096,531 APL
Circulating Supply
21,165,096,531 APL
Proof of Stake
Mining Pre-Mined
Inflation 0%

Apollo is available on exchanges worldwide






Apollo Fintech was born out of a vision to shape the future of technology.
Steve Mccullah

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