Apollo DEX

Apollo DEX

Apollo DEX

Apollo DEX was developed out of the desire to create one of the first truly immutable, decentralized exchanges. Unlike the vast majority of “decentralized” exchanges on the market, Apollo DEX is completely and totally decentralized. Transactions are absolute and there are no possibilities of human interference or regulation. Features, such as the ability to trade from cold storage to cold storage, make Apollo Dex one of the safest exchanges on Earth. Powered by Apollo’s proprietary atomic swap technology, trades happen on the blockchain without intervention.

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The Problem

Centralized exchanges are unreliable, resulting in lost funds and/or compromised data.

The Solution

Apollo Dex uses blockchain and atomic swaps to store and exchange funds without human intervention.


Immutable transactions without human interference

No regulations, KYC protocols or regional restrictions to navigate

The most private exchange option currently available

No limitations on trading volume or withdrawals

No commercial trading fees or hidden costs

nuclear detonation protected server

Unhackable user account and cold storage wallet

Atomic Swaps

The Apollo DEX is accessed via the Apollo currency wallet, allowing for convenience, unprecedented security, and absolute reliability. Atomic Swaps and accessibility from the Apollo wallet facilitate a truly un-regulated experience without the possible human interference.

Apollo Fintech was born out of a vision to shape the future of technology.
Steve Mccullah

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