Apollo Mineral Claims System

Apollo Mineral Claims System

Apollo Mineral Claim System

The Apollo Mineral Claim System allows a mining ministry to replace paper maps or vulnerable centralized ledgers with a single incorruptible system. This system connects all mining offices into one unhackable database, eliminating issues of downtime and manipulation. Re-occurring fees can be easily added and payment deducted automatically. As payments are made, claim ownership status can be automatically updated, erasing the need for manual changes and preventing continual ownership from individuals that do not pay dues, substantially increasing revenue immediately. The implementation and daily function can be administrated by the Apollo Fintech staff in each mining office, by a combination of current government employees, or by government staff exclusively.

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The Problem

Traditional Claim administration using physical maps is expensive and time consuming.

The Solution

The Apollo Claim System allows for any user to search for information instantly.


Substantial increase in tax revenue

All current claim ownership records are added to a universal, easy to view digital system

Connects records from all mining offices into one seamless database

Automatically frees up claims when reoccurring fee is not paid

Incorruptible, unhackable and impossible to manipulate distributed ledger

No system failure, downtime or risk of losing information

There is no cost for implementation and administration

Can be customized to fit individual needs

Claim Management Simplified

Nationwide claim information can be accessed by anyone, all on one system. Staking a claim, tracking land status, managing ownership, accepting yearly payments and inquiring information pertaining to a claim has never been easier.

Apollo Fintech was born out of a vision to shape the future of technology.
Steve Mccullah

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