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Knox Commodity Exchange

The Knox Commodity Exchange allows governments to liquidate assets and commodities instantly, and for the highest prices possible. This is accomplished by determining the size of the supply of a given asset or commodity and then creating a token by which those commodities are pegged.
Governments can then place the pegged token for sale in the government’s dedicated commodity exchange. Buyers across the world, in places like the US, China, and Russia then place buy orders and compete to purchase the tokens available. This competition and international availability ensure that the government not only always has a buyer, but that they always get the highest price possible. The collection of the commodity is then done at the new token owner’s convenience. Once the commodity is redeemed that token is destroyed.

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The Problem

The liquidation of government-held assets and commodities requires resources and extensive logistical planning.

The Solution

The Knox Commodity Exchange allows for instant liquidation of commodities and collects payment immediately.


Substantial increase in tax revenue

The system creates the ability to open up international participation to millions of buyers, anywhere on Earth

Liquidation can be accomplished instantly

Payment happens instantly and automatically

Removes need for government to search for buyers

Immediate Liquidation

Liquidation of commodities can happen within minutes and payments are processed and accessible the same day. A simple user interface and the fastest deposit times in the industry promote unprecedented confidence to buyers.

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