Knox e-Government

Knox e-Government

Streamline all the relevant governmental information available online, the consumption of the services and at the same time, income to the state budget grows. The digitalization of state registers is a necessary process that requires specific technical readiness from authorities. Furthermore, the digital public sector decreases the burden on governmental departments. The implementation of a complex mechanism, including protocols and interfaces in collaboration with blockchain technology to create digital public registers, which can be further monetized. One of the advantages of this process is increased efficiency of the workflow.

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The Problem

Slow and outdated technology leading to inefficient and poor services delivery across Government departments.

The Solution

Knox e-Government, Incorporating and streamlining all Government Departments such as

● Electronic Signature
● Citizen Registration
● National Digital Tax System
● Electronic Cadastre
● E-health Platform
● Biometric Travel Document
● Knox National Payment Platform
● Service Aggregator


Taxes are instantly deducted and immediately available

Tax revenue can be increased as much as 100 times

Tax evasion and many other crimes become impossible

All current claim ownership records are added to a universal, easy to view digital system

Substantial increase in tax revenue

Connects records from all mining offices into one seamless database

Incorruptible, unhackable and impossible to manipulate distributed ledger

Automatically frees up claims when reoccurring fee is not paid

No system failure, downtime or risk of losing information

There is no cost for implementation and administration

Can be customized to fit individual needs

Automatic Taxation

The Knox e-Government deducts taxes automatically as payments are sent and received. Deductions happen instantly and the funds are moved to the government’s account where they are accessible immediately.

Claim Management Simplified

Nationwide claim information can be accessed by anyone, all on one system. Staking a claim, tracking land status, managing ownership, accepting yearly payments and inquiring information pertaining to a claim has never been easier.

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