Knox Exchange

Knox Exchange

Knox Exchange

Knox exchange is an Earth shaping product born out of the intense determination to offer unparalleled cryptocurrency accessibility to every corner of the globe. By combining physical locations, government collaborations and bank partnerships, Knox eliminates every traditional barrier into cryptocurrency, becoming the first exchange to truly “bank the unbanked”.

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The Problem

The barriers to cryptocurrency are extensive and large fiat deposits take days.

The Solution

Physical locations and regional bank partnerships facilitate near instant bank transfers and cash deposits, removing traditional barriers.


physical locations

Physical locations open a new world of unbanked users to cryptocurrency

boasting bank grade encryption

Boasting bank grade encryption, cold storage, registry lock and many more of the best security features on Earth

Regional bank partnerships allow users to deposit and withdrawal at unparalleled speed

Nuclear detonation protected server storage and cold wallet

Customer service will be the best on Earth, boasting 24/7 assistance

smart kyc

Smart KYC technology allows for some of the fastest KYC on Earth

World Class Features

Offerings such as military-grade encryption, unlimited liquidity, physical locations, and smart KYC, it’s clear that Knox is setting the standard for what a global crypto exchange should offer. If that’s not enough, nuclear resistant server storage and unprecedented deposit and withdrawal speed all but guarantee near-exclusive use by savvy cryptocurrency investors.

world class features
Apollo Fintech was born out of a vision to shape the future of technology.
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