Knox Government Network

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Knox Government Network

The Knox Government Network transfer Platform gives a central bank the ability to conduct instant payments to and from any bank in the network using the local currency as well as foreign currency if needed. The platform can be used after a simple integration using the Knox Government Network API or instantly by using the stand-alone platform. Payments can be sent, received and tracked nearly immediately.

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The Problem

International money transfers take days to complete.

The Solution

The Knox Government Network to Bank platform handles money transfers within seconds.


The Central Bank can monitor all transactions sent or received in the nation. This includes bank to bank transfers from the Central Bank to commercial banks as well as payments between commercial banks to domestic and international commercial banks

Payments can be made to international banks instantly and funds can be sent in local currency or exchanged instantly and received in the currency of the receiving bank

Payments are made on a distributed database that is incorruptible, unhackable and cannot be manipulated, even by bank staff

Unlike all current options, Apollo's transfer database allows for zero downtime and zero failures

The Central bank can benefit from fees from every transfer sent within its nation

The Ultimate Solution

Offering free, dedicated integration and instantaneous, immutable bank to bank payments, the Knox Government Network is the ultimate solution for domestic and international money transfers, which typically take days to complete.

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