Knox National Payment Platform

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Knox National Payment Platform

The Knox National Payment Platform facilitates the sending and receiving of a Country’s national currency on an incorruptible ledger without the security, uptime and transparency issues of a centralized system. Issues such as downtime, manipulation, security vulnerabilities, and slow transactions are permanently solved.

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The Problem

Physical bills cost a significant portion of a nation’s GDP to develop and maintain.

The Solution

Knox National Payment Platform allows any government to replace cumbersome physical bills for very little cost.


Unhackable Ledger

Unhackable Ledger

Sub-second transfer speeds

Sub-second transfer speeds

Unparalleled Information Collection​

Unparalleled Information Collection

No server or system downtime

Sub-second transfer speeds

No Cost to Government to Run

No cost to government to run

Financial and violent crime is eradicated

financial and violent crime is eradicated

When the national ID registration system is utilized, identity fraud becomes impossible

Immediate confidence and demand facilitated by controlled supply technology

Unparalleled Accessibility

Unparalleled accessibility, payments can be made on any device as well as biometric NFC, SMS and many more options

National Currency Simplified

The Knox National Payment Platform allows individuals to instantly send a nation’s currency through a number of methods. Apps, SMS, and bio-metric NFC card are just a few of those ways.

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