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Knox World Pay was created from a vision to make the convenience of digital payments accessible to every human on Earth. Utilizing industry-disrupting technology, Knox World Pay aims to completely replace traditional payment systems by removing the barriers of fiat deposits, accessibility, and usage.

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The Problem

Traditional payment systems need access to an app or website.

The Solution

Knox World Pay allows payments to be sent or received using an SMS message or NFC Card.


Transactions are made on an incorruptible, unhackable distributed ledger

Compatibility with all Apollo based payment systems and many other payment systems across Africa

Sub-second transfer speeds

Transactions are settled as fast as sub-second. Faster than any other solution on the market

Infinitely sustainable, unlike other blockchains, because of technology such as sharding, 2 sec blocks and adaptive forging

Unparalleled customer accessibility. Payments can be made via web, SMS, mobile app, desktop app, QR code, NFC card and many more options

Multiple currencies can be added to facilitate the liquidity of many fiat currencies

Unparalleled Accessibility

Unprecedented accessibility from a number of industry disrupting options. Send and receive transactions online or offline and access the platform on nearly any device and OS,  as well as biometric NFC cards, SMS messaging and many other options.

unparalleled accessibility
Apollo Fintech was born out of a vision to shape the future of technology.
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