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Knox World Wire

The Knox World Wire facilitates uncapped, instantaneous bank to bank payments worldwide, in any currency. Military grade security, free dedicated integration, and two second international transactions are just a few of the benefits. Payments can be sent, received and tracked nearly immediately.
The Knox World Wire allows any bank to offer its customers an instant, trusted transfer method at no cost, creating additional revenue while adding value and convenience for your customers.

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The Problem

International money transfers take days to complete.

The Solution

The Knox World Wire to Bank platform handles money transfers within seconds.


Payments can be sent to international and domestic banks in local currency or exchanged instantly to a number of currencies

Payments are made on a distributed database that is incorruptible, unhackable and cannot be manipulated

Apollo payment transfer database allows for zero downtime or failures

No cost for new bank integration, immediate settlement

Revenue created from fees on all payments sent

Can be offered to customers as an additional option to send instant payments without the need to remove or replace current transfer options

International Transfers Reimagined

The Knox World Wire allows any banking organization the ability to offer its customers instant international and domestic transfers. Simple UI and advanced api make processing transactions easier than sending an email. These benefits, combined with others, offer banks a World class advantage over their competition.

Apollo Fintech was born out of a vision to shape the future of technology.
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