White Label Payment System

White Label Payment System

White Label Payment System

The Apollo white-label payment system allows any bank or commercial entity to take advantage of Apollo’s blockchain peer to peer payment system. By utilizing this payment system, a business can save a substantial amount of time and resources and gain access to technology that is not only proven but far superior to traditional platforms.

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The Problem

Payment system development can take years and security risks are evolving quickly.

The Solution

The Apollo Payment System can process payments instantly and uses an unhackable distributed ledger.


All transactions are made on a distributed database that is incomparably reliable, incorruptible and unhackable

Unlike all current options, the Apollo ledger provides zero downtime or failures

Transactions are settled as fast as sub-second. Faster than any other solution on the market

Unlike other blockchains, Apollo is infinitely sustainable because of technology such as sharding, 2 sec blocks and adaptive forging

Unparalleled customer accessibility. Payments can be made via SMS, mobile, desktop, NFC card, offline and more

Multiple currencies can be added to facilitate the liquidity of many currencies on the Apollo blockchain

Compatibility with Knox World Pay and all Apollo based payment systems as well as other payment systems across Africa

Offer Unparalleled Features

Utilizing the World’s fastest and most sustainable blockchain, banks and commercial entities can monetize Apollo Fintech’s industry disrupting technology to offer customers unprecedented access to peer to peer payments.

Apollo Fintech was born out of a vision to shape the future of technology.
Steve Mccullah

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